Belgrade, Serbia – Day #1

Swanky little bar...

Swanky little bar at Hotel Kasina

After a long flight where sleep was difficult, even in the emergency row seat with extended leg room, I arrived safely in this beautiful city! Many of the students met for some touring & fun, but I had to pass after being up for over 24 hours…my back was killing me!

Once I made it to my room at Hotel Kasina, one look at that bed and my evening was decided. 14 hours later I awoke to find myself in this swanky hotel bar enjoying breakfast with Belgrade’s finest. Best bread I’ve ever tasted!! I quickly made friends with this hotel waitress who doesn’t speak English, and I don’t speak Serbian, but we are finding interesting ways to teach each other our respective languages. Love it!!

I’m off to explore the city a bit then to catch up on my reading. I’ll post more throughout the day….I have a feeling it’s going to be a great trip. There’s more under the menu “Belgrade-Just Arrived”



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