Friday, January, 9th – Catch Up!!

Photos from new hotel, Jerusalem Hotel & Garden Tomb & Golgotha:

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I realize I’ve skipped a few days, but trust me, I’ll catch up this weekend when we have some down time. For those of you following the weather or the news please know that we are safe. Israel did get a bit of snow, but the wind and rain were worse than the actual snow accumulation.

We are all keeping up with the terrorist events in Paris & it has us on our toes. The stabbing at the Damascus Gate (two blocks from our new location) is under control and doesn’t seem to be an issue for us. We all feel safe.

The group is terrific, a blend of young and not -so-young 😜.; Jewish, Christian, Quaker. For the most part, all are tolerant of others and respectful of each other’s religious preferences. We’re here as observers, to learn and study each story. We’re learning so much.

Today we moved to the Jerusalem Hotel right on the edge of east/west Jerusalem. It’s quite a step up from the Agron a Youth Hostel. We met with the hotel owner who shared his history as well as the history of his family, quite enlightening. Later we’ll worship (first time for me) at an orthodox Jewish Synagogue and then enjoy dinner back at the hotel.




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