image    Mark Heller, with Jonathan & Susannah Malino. Mark spoke to us about Israeli’s security issues as he works for the NISS.

image    Elias Chachour – Founder of the Mar Elias Educational Institute and author of “Blood Brothers “, a book I highly recommend.

image  Two of the sweetest young ladies I met in a 10th grade English class at Mar Elias School in Ibillin, a Israel.


image  image


We met with Sami al-Jundi on Wednesday. Sami wrote The was she Hour of Sunlight with Jen Marlowe. Their story is amazing!

Sami grew up with some good ole “spit, fire, & vinegar” in his system. Out of pure boredom, he and his friends found entertainment in messing with bombs.  Unfortunately one exploded and killed two of his friends. Sami spent ten years and one month in an Israeli prison.

Upon his release he got involved with Seeds of Peace.

This organization is changing the lives of so many young people through their programs that teach and deliver reconciliation, conflict resolution skills and create peace – building strategies. Enemies are brought face to face to meet and work through historic conflicts by building critical relationships and understanding. Hope is possible and peace is attainable if we work together.

Sami’s life is committed to a life of peace and non-violence as well as one to working towards justice for Palestinians. He’s a remarkable man with an extraordinary story. A life truly redeemed.



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