So, here’s the gang at Hope Chapel for the Christmas Eve Service. From left to right: Amy, works at LFA in San Francisco; Carolina, a junior at UNC-C; Henri, President of the Greensboro CVB; me; Cyrus, graphic artist at VIF in Durham, NC; Lauren, a fourth grade teacher / ESL teacher in Washington D.C.


Family in Georgetown '14

We made a quick trip to Washington D.C. before the Christmas holidays. Here we are posing for a quick photo in Georgetown where we found many a good sales just in time to help Santa with his huge list of goodies for us….we, of course, were all on the NICE list.

Lauren & Melissa


Our trip to Washington included a stop at the Air and Space Museum. Since the purchase of my new I Phone (never had one of these fancy smanchy phones) I haven’t yet mastered the “selfie”. Lauren was much too happy to assist. Look at her head….it’s twice the size of mine….she’s gonna kill me when she reads this.

Henri, M, K, & Trent

What would we do without our friends? Sometimes I think they are just as important as our family; we get to choose them after all. This is Trent & Kristi. I love them. They have three of the most vibrant, talented and loving children ever and I affectionately refer to them as my “Love Chickens”. Not exactly sure how I came up with that moniker, but I said it once and it stuck. Trent and Kristi are what I call “real people”. They work hard, play hard and love in a real way. No pretenses, no false airs, just realness. It’s hard to find that today, but when you do, you need to hang onto it and I plan on it. They are wonderful friends / family and I’m blessed to have them in my life.



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